[Day by day]

When all of you is slippering away
When all of you is trying not to stay
When all of you is down like smashing glas
When all your thouhgts are running throught your past
The friends around you tell you "open your eyes"
"There are many bright colors in many sky's"
Your eyes are searching for those spoken things
Your head is trying to catch the "things that bring"
But all you've tried - your feet still fixed on the ground
A wall of deep depression - you say no way out
And all your colors washed in a dirty boring grey
And slippery they leave you now
Day by day

The rainy days are gone - your teardrops too
under the rainbow all the colors and you

I say you saw - I say dida dida
I say you saw - I've got see it day by day

[Fenster schliessen]